Help me fuse the world’s POP together!


Thanks to anyone everyone (that always sounds better) who has unfortunately landed here.

This is my first attempt at blogging, but what I want to do here isn’t exactly about me.

More about my obsession?

Yes, well I am addicted to entertainment. Whatever it is and wherever it can be found. Right now I’m hooked on Asian pop, more specifically kpop (Korean pop (culture)).

I’m always surprised to see people of all races, all nationalities, and I mean ALL, raving about their shunned, or weird obsession with it!

With so many artists in the kpop music scene today – some fantastic, others… well, you know – trying to make it in Hollywood the holy land of entertainment, I wanted to share my love for the pop culture with people all over the globe.

I think I’ll start with what I know best, which is Korean pop culture (then I would like to creep into European and Latin American pop), but I would love to learn more about and let others know about amazing stuff from every corner of the world.


If you, like me, are a die-hard fan – with almost an unhealthy obsession – of anything from anyWHERE and you want to SHOUT IT AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS ON A MOUNTAIN PEAK, share it with me and I’ll try to share it with the world.

I’m a trilingual in training.

Just to let you know. o_O


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  1. Qea Heart Ondubu replied:

    hye there!!
    I spot another Kpop fanatics lol!!
    Same too!!
    I love SHINee..totally obses with my dubu..
    you know..onew sangtae caught my heart..that’s my blogs r can check out my blog later
    how bout you??
    If you don’t mind..will you link my page??
    here’s my link>>

    • helinator replied:

      Sure, no prob. Would you be willing to do the same? From the look of your blog, it seems like you’ve been doing this stuff for a while. I’m really new to blogging, but I would love it if I could slowly achieve my goal of sharing lots of different nations’ POP and bringing it into mainstream American media.

      How did happen to run across my blog? And how have you been doing these past few days with Shinee on a break? lol

  2. Qea Heart Ondubu replied:

    lol…i’m sorry for the late reply..I will add your blogs too..since u put mine..yeah Ive been doing this blogging bout 2 month n a half lol!!…n it keeps me updated it since i’m currently busy on studying..

    yeah I know SHINee has been on break..n they’re not so much updated on my ondubu lorgh..
    FYI i’m trying to keep my blogs updated by posting other hot kpop song link lol..

    how did I bumped to your blogs??lol I was trying to find other SHINee fans blogger..n suddenly bumped to your blogs since u also trying to made a blogs bout korean pop culture..
    hit me back ok!!

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