Who BRAIDS it Best?

*edit* – I knew I forgot someone: BOA! who’s ready for her US debut?

picture used for BoAs new album cover - Best and USA (2CD)

picture used for BoA's new album cover - "Best and USA" (2CD)

I don’t know if I just noticed, but I’ve never really seen any obvious trend in hairstyles before. A few weeks ago on MBC’s Star Dance Battle New Year Special – what a mouthful; I swear Korean shows have the longest names to translate – Tiffany of So Nyeo Shi Dae was seen dancing and duking it out with Jewelry‘s Park Jung Ah with gourds with one side of her head braided.

Then on Jan. 3oth, the shunned “H.O!” (Jessica H.O.) was seen wearing a similar hairstyle performing her latest single – first in 3 years I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) – “Life is Good.” I suppose since they were so chummy back in her BoA-hating days, she said “yo, hook me up wit dat!” at Tiff’s ‘do. (But boy do I love that song – not to mention, people should stop hating on her; she’s got some pipes, and it is obvious she has worked tremendously to improve that much – so check her out)

And today I just saw the up-and-coming group After School performing their hit new song “Ah” and its member Kim Jung Ah was wearing another version of it – I hope I get the time to do a fashion post about these girls, because I can see a new style icon on the way, move over “contemporary band, Shinee!” (come back rested soon!).

So what do you think? Tiff, Jess, or the up-and-comer? *or BoA?*

Look for my post soon of the series Boys Over Flowers! Great episode today wasn’t it? Looking forward to the home-wrecker in ep. 12  =]


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Shinee’s half time performance

Is it a coincidence that there is an All-Star Game of the Korean Basketball League the same day the SUPER BOWL XLIII is happening?

Well whether you’re rooting for the Cardinals or the Steelers, find time to peel yourself away from the flat screen to check this out.

Even though Shinee have stopped their “promotional activities” they are still doing some “guest performances” at events like this and on radio.

And although the performance was lip-synced, it’s worth watching. They performed ‘Love Like Oxygen’ and ‘Amigo’

Doesn’t it seem like the cameraman doesn’t really like Minho? lol. Even during the parts he sings with Taemin, it’s usually just a close up of him. It’s okay Minho!

The performance can be watched on the Youtube channel of randy19972.

Look out for group by group posts as I write about all of the “popular” artists as of right now, and some not so.


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