Shinee’s half time performance

Is it a coincidence that there is an All-Star Game of the Korean Basketball League the same day the SUPER BOWL XLIII is happening?

Well whether you’re rooting for the Cardinals or the Steelers, find time to peel yourself away from the flat screen to check this out.

Even though Shinee have stopped their “promotional activities” they are still doing some “guest performances” at events like this and on radio.

And although the performance was lip-synced, it’s worth watching. They performed ‘Love Like Oxygen’ and ‘Amigo’

Doesn’t it seem like the cameraman doesn’t really like Minho? lol. Even during the parts he sings with Taemin, it’s usually just a close up of him. It’s okay Minho!

The performance can be watched on the Youtube channel of randy19972.

Look out for group by group posts as I write about all of the “popular” artists as of right now, and some not so.



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