Who BRAIDS it Best?

*edit* – I knew I forgot someone: BOA! who’s ready for her US debut?

picture used for BoAs new album cover - Best and USA (2CD)

picture used for BoA's new album cover - "Best and USA" (2CD)

I don’t know if I just noticed, but I’ve never really seen any obvious trend in hairstyles before. A few weeks ago on MBC’s Star Dance Battle New Year Special – what a mouthful; I swear Korean shows have the longest names to translate – Tiffany of So Nyeo Shi Dae was seen dancing and duking it out with Jewelry‘s Park Jung Ah with gourds with one side of her head braided.

Then on Jan. 3oth, the shunned “H.O!” (Jessica H.O.) was seen wearing a similar hairstyle performing her latest single – first in 3 years I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) – “Life is Good.” I suppose since they were so chummy back in her BoA-hating days, she said “yo, hook me up wit dat!” at Tiff’s ‘do. (But boy do I love that song – not to mention, people should stop hating on her; she’s got some pipes, and it is obvious she has worked tremendously to improve that much – so check her out)

And today I just saw the up-and-coming group After School performing their hit new song “Ah” and its member Kim Jung Ah was wearing another version of it – I hope I get the time to do a fashion post about these girls, because I can see a new style icon on the way, move over “contemporary band, Shinee!” (come back rested soon!).

So what do you think? Tiff, Jess, or the up-and-comer? *or BoA?*

Look for my post soon of the series Boys Over Flowers! Great episode today wasn’t it? Looking forward to the home-wrecker in ep. 12  =]


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Shinee? ahh. no brillante



this so caught me off guard.

I def. thought that Shinee was on a break for a while – and they are – but SBS aired their performance of “Nuna” and “Amigo” TODAY, what was filmed on the 16th as a part of the broadcast’s ICON concert. They sounded very tired.. especially JongHyun.

Other performers included, SNSD, Seungri (singing the “crap! crap!” version of “Strong Baby”, good god), SS501, and 2PM – and possibly others lol.

did you like the performances?

let me know =]

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Help me fuse the world’s POP together!


Thanks to anyone everyone (that always sounds better) who has unfortunately landed here.

This is my first attempt at blogging, but what I want to do here isn’t exactly about me.

More about my obsession?

Yes, well I am addicted to entertainment. Whatever it is and wherever it can be found. Right now I’m hooked on Asian pop, more specifically kpop (Korean pop (culture)).

I’m always surprised to see people of all races, all nationalities, and I mean ALL, raving about their shunned, or weird obsession with it!

With so many artists in the kpop music scene today – some fantastic, others… well, you know – trying to make it in Hollywood the holy land of entertainment, I wanted to share my love for the pop culture with people all over the globe.

I think I’ll start with what I know best, which is Korean pop culture (then I would like to creep into European and Latin American pop), but I would love to learn more about and let others know about amazing stuff from every corner of the world.


If you, like me, are a die-hard fan – with almost an unhealthy obsession – of anything from anyWHERE and you want to SHOUT IT AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS ON A MOUNTAIN PEAK, share it with me and I’ll try to share it with the world.

I’m a trilingual in training.

Just to let you know. o_O

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